Stormwater Management

Stormwater Program Budget

Effective stormwater management has many economic benefits, and could help avoid significant local expenditures such as for repairing washouts, addressing flooding, and reducing erosion. MS4s statewide need to budget for stormwater management activities relating to program development (including creation of regulatory controls and required programs) and program implementation (including technical services for stormwater plan review, staffing, site inspections and enforcement).

Municipal Budget:

Village of Whitesboro 2009-2010 Fiscal Budget:  $2,428,490.00

Funding Sources:

To assist in meeting the funding required for the development and implementation of the Stormwater Management Program, the MS4 has utilized the following sources of revenue.


  • General Fund
  • Highway Fund
  • Maintenance Agreements
  • Permit, Inspection and/or Review Fees
  • Intermunicipal Agreements / Shared Service Agreements
  • In-kind Services / Volunteers
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